T BAILEY, INC., founded in 1991, is a diversified heavy-civil/industrial general contractor. Our expertise is construction (earth/utility/concrete work, mechanical, tank and steel erection) and heavy steel plate/structural fabrication. Our vast experience in aboveground, field-erected fuel and water tank projects has established T BAILEY, INC. as one of the Northwest leaders in safety, quality control, and project management. Our commitment to quality, integrity and value has resulted in a history of strong customer satisfaction.

We are based in Anacortes, Washington, with approximately 120,000 square feet of covered facilities designed to perform custom fabrication of heavy structural and plate products. Our prime location affords us the opportunity to directly ship and receive oversized loads via barge, rail, or truck.  Our diverse fabrication capabilities include compliance to API, AWWA, AWS, UL, AISC, CWB and ASME codes including UL tanks, pressure vessels, AWWA and API shop and field erected storage tanks, large diameter casings/caissons, penstock, water piping, breeching, exhaust stacks, and wind turbine towers. In addition, we operate a state of the art SSPC QP3 Certified wheelabrating and paint facility for steel surface preparation and application of prime and finish paint systems. T BAILEY, INC. is an AISC Certified Fabricator and has all three of the Sophisticated Paint Endorsements.  We are also CWB certified and an SPFA Certified Pipe Fabricator.

Our safety record is among the best in our industry and our quality of fabrication and construction is second to none. T BAILEY, INC.’s unique company structure and level of expertise allows for turn-key construction and fabrication capabilities and competitive pricing along with aggressive scheduling. Please contact us for more information.