Construction, fabrication and shipping experts of industrial-sized tanks, pressure vessels, pipe, casing and penstock.


Founded in 1991, T BAILEY, INC is a diversified general contractor experienced in heavy-civil/industrial construction and heavy steel fabrication/structural fabrication. Our extensive experience in aboveground, field-erected fuel and water tank projects has established T BAILEY, INC. as a leader in the Northwest of safety, quality control, and project management. Regardless of the project, our commitment to quality, integrity, and value has earned us a history of strong customer satisfaction.

25 Acres
field erected steel tanks

With approximately 120,000 square feet of covered facilities designed to perform custom fabrication of heavy structural and plate products, our prime location in Anacortes, Washington gives us the opportunity to directly ship and receive oversized loads via barge, rail, or truck.

Our diverse fabrication capabilities include compliance to API, AWWA, AWS, UL, AISC, CWB and ASME codes including UL tanks, pressure vessels, AWWA and API shop and field erected tanks, water storage tanks, large diameter casings/caissons, penstock, water piping, breaching, exhaust stacks, and wind turbine towers, as well as performing timely and high-quality above ground steel tank repairs. In addition, we operate a state of the art SSPC QP3 Certified wheelabrating and paint facility for steel surface preparation and application of prime and finish paint systems.

T BAILEY, INC. is an AISC Certified Fabricator and has all three of the Sophisticated Paint Endorsements. We are also CWB certified and an SPFA Certified Pipe Fabricator.

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"T BAILEY is the single-most professional group I have worked with in a subcontracted situation – ever. I was impressed by T BAILEY's ability to do exactly what was committed to be've raised the bar.”

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