Crowley Tank Construction

The Crowley tank project is one of the largest tank projects T BAILEY, INC. has undertaken. With four million pounds of steel being used and shipped to the project site, three tanks were constructed near Fairbanks, Alaska. As Crowley sells fuel to the nearby base to be used in jets, these tanks were specifically constructed for fuel storage and movement.

Project Overview

The Crowley tanks were a combination of shop and field construction. T BAILEY, INC. built three tanks with a diameter of 150 feet and a height of 60 feet. The timeline of the project was extremely tight, and demanded all tank materials be ready beforehand.

To begin, all the shop metal design and fabrication was done at T BAILEY, INC.’s facilities in Anacortes, WA during the winter preceding the field construction. All necessary parts were designed, cut, and fabricated with precision; everything had to be made to fit together perfectly when it arrived at the project site.

Since the North Pole experiences such a short summer season that provides adequate daylight, the coordination of schedules was of utmost importance. As metal pieces and parts were completed in the shop, they were subsequently placed on shipping flats and sent north. All parts were kept in storage, ready for use as soon as the weather allowed.

In total, 90 truckloads were sent out: metal parts and pieces for the tanks, all necessary tools, three generators, welding gear, etc. had to be transported from T BAILEY, INC.’s headquarters to Fairbanks, Alaska.

Constructing In The Field

Once summer arrived, field construction began immediately, as per the demands of the schedule. The tanks were erected in the field, welded, tested, and painted. No mistakes in material deliveries, construction, or painting could be made; every step of the process was reliant upon smooth transitions from one step to the next.

Due to the constraints of the area, where temperatures can reach down to -35F in colder months, the team only had three months to finish all three massive tanks. With a team of 24 people working 70-hour weeks一 comprised of day and night shifts一 a job that would have normally taken a year or more was finished in the elected three months.

Meeting the demands of the project schedule required this level of commitment from the team. T BAILEY, INC. thoroughly understands the limits of the seasons of the area, and is always conscientious when planning and executing projects.

Our Services At Work

Despite the magnitude of the Crowley tank project一 all the materials, tools, and team members had to be transported roughly 2,000 miles一 it was successfully completed because T BAILEY, INC. works with precision.

Keeping client satisfaction at the forefront of every project means ensuring the highest possible quality, accurate timelines, and clear communication. If you need a reliable team to complete a project with superior quality and within a specific timeline, T BAILEY, INC. can get it done. Give us a call today!


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