T BAILEY, INC. Editorial Policy


The company, T BAILEY, INC., is committed to delivering the latest news and updates within the industrial fabrication industry to website visitors. Our goal is to ensure that cutting-edge research and expertise are accessible to key audiences, thereby positively impacting decision-making and outcomes.

We recognize that blogs serve as one avenue, among others, to aid in this endeavor. However, they should be perceived as an initial step toward fostering further interaction and generating interest, rather than an ultimate objective.

When combined with additional tools such as media outreach, events, and targeted communications with stakeholders, blogs can effectively contribute to enhancing the experience of website visitors.

T BAILEY, INC. Aims to:


All content published on this website is freely accessible without requiring any subscriptions, registrations, or access fees from users. Users are permitted to read, search, and link to all pages on the T BAILEY, INC. website. However, they are prohibited from duplicating, republishing, or downloading any content from the T BAILEY, INC. website.

Republishing Policy

Third-party republishing of articles is strictly prohibited. Any third parties found republishing content from the T BAILEY, INC. website will receive a cease and desist letter requesting the removal of the content in question. Failure to comply with the removal request will result in legal action taken by the T BAILEY, INC. team against the infringing party.

Quality Standards

T BAILEY, INC. is committed to maintaining the highest standards of research, ethics, and quality for all content we receive and publish, regardless of its format. Our marketing and editorial teams monitor adherence to these standards by all involved parties, including authors and editors. If any breach of research or ethical standards, or any other form of misconduct, is suspected at any stage of the publishing process, the content will be temporarily removed from our website pending further investigation. Upon confirmation of any suspicion, the content will be permanently removed from the website.


For inquiries regarding content on the https://tbailey.com/ website, please contact customerservice@tbailey.com.

Updated: February 2024