Steel Fabrication: Industrial Tank Fabricators

T BAILEY INC. has delivered high-quality industrial steel fabrication using cutting-edge technology throughout the Northwest for over 25 years.

Our experts are motivated by a desire to exceed our customers’ expectations and raise the standard of what is commonly considered one of the most dependable steel fabrication shops.

From Raw Materials To Finish Product

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Our capabilities enable us to fabricate various heavy steel products using raw materials, including shop-built tanks, bridge pilings, penstock, pressure vessels, and industrial stacks, to name a few.

Continue reading to learn more about our industrial and commercial metal fabrication services, or contact T BAILEY INC. today to request a bid for your steel fab project.

Industrial Steel Fabricator

T BAILEY INC. is situated on 30 acres of beautiful, improved industrial property in Anacortes. Our steel fab operations are spread across several massive facilities, including a 125,000-square-foot fabrication shop and a 14,000-square-foot industrial coatings facility.

Start-To-Finish Fabrication Process

From initial engineering and design to the shop fabrication process and from field construction to surface prep and coatings, our expansive capabilities make T BAILEY INC. your one-stop shop for all things industrial fabrication.

To ensure the integrity of our heavy steel fabrication parts and products, all our industrial fabrication is overseen by our in-house Director of Quality Assurance, a CWB Certified Welding Supervisor an AWS Certified Welding Inspector, and an API 653 Tank Inspector.

Our custom manufacturing process involves extensive testing on our products to ensure they can withstand environmental conditions and perform flawlessly for however long each product is expected to be in service.

Shop-Built Tanks

Shop-Built Tanks

Shop-built tanks are the bread and butter of our steel fabrication company. T BAILEY INC. specializes in fabricating all manner of tank fabrication, including API 650 tanks, AWWA D100 tanks, and UL 142, F921, and 2085 tanks. Each tank is engineered to serve the client’s needs, ensure compliance, and withstand the environmental conditions of the job site for years to come.

As a leading tank fabricator, we’ve fabricated tanks for a wide variety of applications, including thermal storage tanks, atmospheric tanks, fire-rated/protected/fire-resistant tanks, and more.

A strength that separates us from other heavy steel fabrication companies is that our in-house industrial coating shop can prep and coat flat metal for your tank immediately after fabrication. This reduces costs and helps us tightly control your project’s timeline. We coat for all kinds of storage products, including water, petroleum, chemicals, pulp, and even animal products (like fish oil).

Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

Our steel fabricators can create ASME Section VIII Div 1 pressure vessels up to 120 feet long, 14 feet in diameter, and weighing over 100 tons. All our pressure vessels are fabricated to the highest quality standards and are finished with the ASME U-Stamp.

We’re also ASME NBIC R-Stamp certified, enabling us to make alterations and repairs to existing ASME pressure vessels.

Our steel tank fabricating experts can take your project specifications and deliver a turn-key vessel for your job site, whether you need a storage vessel, heat exchanger, or process vessel. We can also fabricate a variety of pressure vessel heads, including hemispherical, ellipsoidal, or flanged and dished heads. For more information about our steel fabrication services, contact T BAILEY, INC. today.

Field-Erected Tanks

Field-Erected Tanks

Our skilled storage tank fabricators can turn wild pieces of land into turn-key reservoirs and standpipes. As your field-erected tank general contractor, T BAILEY INC. will handle every step in the construction process, from site preparation to foundations, construction, fabrication, security systems, and even fencing.

We also specialize in fabricating and constructing external and internal floating roof tanks (EFR & IFR tanks).

You can’t inspect the quality of the part. So, as your trusted field-erected steel tank fabricator, we ensure essential variables are being monitored and followed to guarantee high-quality tank construction. Some of the processes our structural steel fabricators follow include:

  • Ensuring engineers design tanks according to the code, client specifications, and jurisdiction requirements.
  • Having rigid quality assurance systems in place and regular audits by independent inspectors to qualify our processes.
  • Putting in-house inspectors in place to monitor the project, including our Director of Quality Assurance, onsite CWIs, and project foremen.
  • Performing NDE while the tank is being built and constantly inspecting welds.

metal forming, cutting process, raw metals, welding wire

metal forming

Metal forming is a process of shaping raw metals into the desired shape. Various metal forming methods include cutting, bending, and welding. Cutting processes involve using various tools, such as saws and shears, to remove excess material from the raw metal. The bending process uses tools like press brakes to bend the metal into the desired shape. Welding is another process used in metal forming involving a welding wire to fuse two pieces of metal together.

Experienced: Fabricating With Raw Material

When working with raw metals, it is important to consider the type of metal being used and the project’s desired outcome. Certain metals, like aluminum and copper, may require different cutting processes than other metals, such as steel. Additionally, the thickness of the metal may also impact the cutting process used.

Welding wire is an essential component of the welding process. It creates a bond between two pieces of metal by heating the wire and melting it onto the metal surface. Various types of welding wire are available, each with unique properties and uses. Some common types of welding wire include flux-cored wire, solid wire, and aluminum wire.

Metal forming and cutting processes require precision and skill to create high-quality metal products. With the right tools and techniques, it is possible to shape raw metals into various shapes and sizes to meet specific project needs.

Casing & Piling

We’ve fabricated quality casing and piling for commercial, industrial, and DOT projects across the Northwest. Our steel piling and casing capabilities include ASTM A252 and API. We can deliver casing and piles over 15 feet in diameter and over 240 feet long.

Our proximity to the Anacortes’s deep-water port enables us to ship larger-than-usual casing to job sites that water can access. We also ship casing via truck and rail.


Penstock requires a metal fabrication company and can easily customize its processes to accommodate creative angles and sizes. Here at T BAILEY INC., we do just that. We can fabricate penstock that’s over 15 feet in diameter and 120 feet long and can easily tailor our fabrication processes to meet the geometry of your project.

No matter where you are in your penstock machining project, we can help with our start-to-finish steel fabricators, deliver geometry assistance, strength and performance calculations, CAD modeling, and our fabrication and coating services.

Industrial Steel Stacks

Industrial Steel Stacks

The sky’s the limit when it comes to our steel stack fabrication capabilities. Our crews are certified for stack fabrication, repair, and replacement and can deliver steel stacks over 100 feet high and to any sized diameter you need.

Civil Construction

Our Construction Services Division can tackle complex civil construction projects and provide unique solutions to your job site challenges. Our structural steel fabrication crews have experience working with poor soils, restricted site access, complex foundations, a demanding timeline, or a remote location.

As a general contractor, T BAILEY INC. can assist at every stage of your project, including budgeting, permitting, scheduling, engineering, construction, and maintenance. We’ve partnered with airports, ports, wastewater treatment plants, military facilities, DOT projects, and much more.

Civil construction services we offer include (but are not limited to):

  • Upgrading existing facilities (seismic upgrades, shell stiffeners, turnbuckles, etc.)
  • Roof & bottom replacements
  • Welded steel tank fabrication
  • Casing, piling, penstock, and other steel fabrication

Learn More: Storage Tank Maintenance Checklist

Industrial Coatings

Industrial Coating

Another advantage that sets us apart from competing steel fabricating companies is that our facilities include a steel fabrication shop and an industrial paint shop.

Our massive industrial coating facility is connected to our steel tank fabrication facility, enabling us to wheel parts directly into coating once they’re fabricated. A rail system built into the floor of our facility allows us to quickly transport large, heavy tanks and steel parts from the prep room to the painting room and onto our curing room.

We use a combination of state-of-the-art technology and our innovations to prep and coat parts efficiently. One example is our Wheelabrator blasting booth, which uses an automated blasting machine to rotate parts slowly and maintain a constant stream of abrasion.

Plate Metal and Sheet Metal Fabrication

In addition to paints and primers, we also offer industrial metalization for steel metal fabrication projects.

Metalization is a direct-metal process where we apply molten metal to your parts. Metalizing delivers optimal corrosion protection, and we use either zinc or aluminum to coat parts. We can also apply an abrasive walking surface via metalization.

Custom Steel Fabrication Service

As your local custom steel fabricator, the sky’s the limit to what our heavy fabricators can engineer and manufacture for you. Our custom steel fabricators can build tanks of all sizes, pile cap frames, irrigation siphons, float assemblies, smokestacks, pontoon systems, and much more.

All of the industrial fabrication services listed on this page can also be performed as custom steel structures fabrication. So whether you’re looking for custom penstock, field-erected tanks, pressure vessels, or custom industrial coatings, T BAILEY INC. can get the job done.

Additional Steel Fabrication Services

Our state-of-the-art steel fab facilities and field crews also offer these metal fabrication services:

steel fabrication services

Our Industrial Fabrication Equipment

To give you an idea of the scale of steel fabrication jobs we process, here is a list of some of our primary steel fabrication company equipment:

  • 4-roll hydraulic plate bending rolls, up to 2.75” x 10’-0 wide plate
  • CNC plasma cutting machines, 11’ x 50’ water tables
  • Tank/vessel turning roll sets, up to 100-ton capacity
  • RT hydraulic cranes, up to 60-ton capacity
  • Several overhead bridge cranes, up to 50 tons capacity
  • Numerous tandem head welding manipulators
  • Numerous single head welding manipulators
  • An automated blasting system that enables us to continually run surface prep operations
  • Welding power sources for most welding processes, including SAW, FCAW, SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, and EWS
    And much, much more

An Industrial Fabrication Company You Can Depend On

T BAILEY, INC. holds the ASME U stamp and NBIC R stamp, and all pressure vessel work performed by us is registered with the National Board.

We also hold the Canadian Welding Bureau Certification per CSA W47.1 and are a Steel Plate Fabricators Association Certified Pipe & Accessory Fabricator.

Additionally, we are certified to build CalTrans Class R and Class N Piling and are on the WSDOT Quality Product List (QPL) for Steel Pipe Piling.

To get started on your metal fab project, contact T BAILEY INC. today to request a bid and set our industry-leading fabrication process in motion.



Our roots in industrial construction have given us the experience your project needs.


With a ride range of coating abilities, our industrial painting division can provide the surface preparation and coatings your project needs.

Main Equipment

Our facilities are geared to the fabrication of AWWA and API field-erected welded steel storage tanks, UL and API shop tanks, pressure vessels, AWWA C200 water pipe, wind energy towers, large plate exhaust duct, fire protection tanks and large diameter casing. Fabricated materials can be primed and painted before being shipped directly to a client’s job site, or tied in with our construction division. We also have tank repair services.

  • 4-roll hydraulic plate bending rolls, up to 2.75” x 10’-0 wide plate
  • CNC plasma cutting machines, 11’ x 50’ water tables
  • Numerous tandem head welding manipulators
  • Numerous single head welding manipulators
  • Tank/vessel turning roll sets, up to 100-ton capacity
  • Automated blasting system
  • Blask booth 25’ x 120’
  • Paint Booth 25’ x 120’
  • Iron workers
  • Several overhead bridge cranes, up to 50 tons capacity
  • Welding power sources for most welding processes
    • SAW
    • FCAW
    • SMAW
    • GMAW
    • GTAW
    • EWS
  • Angle iron bending rolls
  • 3 O’clock automatic welders
  • Press brake
  • Multiple forklifts, up to 55 tons capacity
  • RT hydraulic cranes, up to 60-ton capacity
  • Scissor and snorkel personnel lifts
  • Extended boom forklifts
  • Dozer and excavators
  • Long haul trucks and trailers
  • Vertamatic welder
  • 5-axis CNC contour beveling plasma cutting table


Quality Control Certifications

As part of our commitment to quality, we work toward continuous improvement and maintain compliance with industry codes and standards.


What can we do for you?

Through experience, innovation, and planning, T BAILEY, INC. delivers each project on budget, with unmatchable quality, and precise timing. Contact us and see how we can help you complete your project.