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At T BAILEY, INC., we understand the unique needs of the transportation industry and are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of fabrication quality.


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Our experts have consistently met the expectations of transportation companies since 1991. Our dedication to cutting-edge machinery and advanced metal fabrication techniques, has elevated T BAILEY INC. as a leader in the heavy steel fabrication industry.

When you partner with T BAILEY, INC., you are ensuring that you receive the very best. Every product we make is fabricated to your exact specifications and must pass our rigorous quality control and testing before shipment to you.

Our facilities carry all the equipment necessary to complete every stage of the fabrication process, saving you from having to bounce the product between designers, fabricators, and coating applicators.

For long-lasting quality, start-to-finish fabrication/finishing, and on-time delivery contact T BAILEY, INC. today. We take pride in successfully serving the transportation industry since 1991.

The rest of this page introduces you to our capabilities, fabrication/coating services, and quality control processes.

T BAILEY, INC.’s Transportation Fabrication Capabilities

We have the capability to manufacture a variety of products for the transportation industry, with our two most common being permanent /temporary casing and concrete column jacketing. We also offer extensive custom fabrication services.

An advantage of working with T BAILEY, INC. is that we have our own detailing team, a fully equipped fabrication facility, in-house quality control personnel/systems, and fully furnished painting and metalizing facility. This makes us your one-stop-shop.

To give you an example of what T BAILEY, INC. can do for you, here are our steel casing fabrication capabilities:

  • Codes: ASTM A252, AWWA C200, API 2B and other API standards.
  • Diameter: 36” to 16’
  • Wall Thickness: 3/8” to 4”
  • Length: single casings up to 180’ and assembled casings up to 240’ (dock side)
  • Ends: Banded, mechanical casing joints, cutting shoes, cutting teeth, lifting eyes, cut-in twister slots, square end and/or beveled for field welding
  • Style: Permanent and temporary casing
  • Services: Detailing, fabrication, testing, coating/lining application and delivery

How We Estimate For Transportation Fabrication

At T BAILEY, INC., our trusted estimation process enables us to bid a client’s project quickly and accurately.

Typically, clients send us their construction requirements, quantity standards, diameter and thickness. Having these requirements, allows our team can to bid accordingly based on size, delivery destination, and specified requirements. Our experts consult your provided documents in order to create a custom proposal that reflects the specific project needs.

No matter your project requirements, T BAILEY INC. will be able to fabricate to meet or exceed those needs.

Industry-Leading Certification

We are dedicated to always holding the highest level of certifications. This ensures we are able to create dependable products that meet the high standards of the transportation industry.

Our certifications include:

  • DOT requirements for Washington, California (Caltrans Class R and Class N), we regularly perform work for Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Hawaii (HART), and Canada.
  • AISC Certified Fabricator with Complex Protective Coatings certification
  • ASME U Stamp and NBIC R Stamp certified.
  • SSPC QP3 certification for shop painting.
  • Canadian Welding Bureau CSA W47.1 certification.

Robust Painting and Metalizing Services

A unique advantage of ordering your casing from T BAILEY, Inc. is that we provide fully integrated in-house blasting, painting, and metalizing services. This negates the need to transport fabricated products to another company’s coating facility — saving time, money, and logistics headaches.


Abrasive blasting cleans the steel’s surface, removing stains, debris, and mill scale. Blasting also creates a textured profile on the steel required for proper adherence of paint or metalizing.

Once a part has been blast cleaned in our fully automated wheelabrator or blasting booth, we put it through a serious of quality control tests to ensure that it’s been cleaned to specification and that the profile is correct.


Painting takes place according to the client’s requirements and paint manufacturer’s datasheets. Many times the process will require multiple layers as well as different types of paint.

Once a product has been painted, we perform quality control inspection and testing to ensure we’ve achieved the proper millage (thickness). Testing can include adhesion and holiday testing.


Another coating process we do in-house at T BAILEY, INC. is metalizing.

Metalizing is a thermal spray that is applied to the prepared substrate. It is applied similar to how we spray on paint, except that our technicians are spraying liquefied metal instead of paint.

Metalizing is a metal-based, spray-on corrosion protection option for our transportation industry products. It provides an additional level of protection:

  • The spray coating itself provides a strong barrier between the environment and the steel surface, helping to preventing corrosion
  • Metalizing also delivers cathodic protection, causing the sprayed-on metal to proactively protect the steel — sacrificing itself if the steel becomes exposed.

Metalizing solidifies instantly which eliminates dry time and can be handled sooner than other coating applications.

Read more about metalizing here.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

When specified we can provide hot-dip galvanizing services by one of our approved suppliers

If you’re curious about the difference between these two coatings, metalizing involves spraying molten metal onto the product, while hot-dip galvanizing is a total immersion process wherein the fabricated product is submerged in a bath of molten metal. (insert blog link here metalizing & galvanizing)

Another major difference is the kind of coating these processes result in. Metalizing forms a mechanically bonded, protective layer on top of the steel, whereas hot-dip galvanizing causes the molten metal to chemically bond to the steel that has been blasted prior to application.

If a project requires hot-dip galvanizing, T BAILEY, INC. works with trusted vendors to ensure that the completed product receives a quality effective hot-dip protection.


Deciding Which Metalizing Process To Use

When it comes to choosing between metalizing and hot-dip galvanizing, size and budget is often the determining factor. For projects that are too large for galvanizing, T BAILEY, INC. has a metalizing division in-house, regardless of size.

Dependable Quality Control & Testing

When you work with T BAILEY, INC., you can depend on the quality of your product. We put our fabrications through rigorous quality control checks and a thorough testing process to ensure a quality product.


Quality Control During Fabrication

Before fabrication begins, we provide full traceability of the materials to our clients. These Mill Test Reports (MTRs), ensure that a client gets exactly the grade and quality of materials they ordered. For example, if a client specifies a certain grade of material, full traceability means they can verify that the strength of the steel used is the same as required for their order.

Our quality control processes also entail a series of checking and double-checking during fabrication:

  • Checking plate sizes to make sure they are cut to the exact dimensions.
  • Joint preparation inspections to ensure that weld joints are consistent across the entire seam.
  • Weld monitoring, to make sure joints are fit and welded correctly.
  • Final dimension inspections to confirm adherence to the ordered sizes.

Once a product has completed fabrication, it is passed on to our testing division for specified nondestructive testing.


Product Testing After Fabrication

The kind of testing we do depends on the project specifications and order requirements.

For example, if a project specifies100% joint efficiency, we use non-destructive examination to inspect the weld seams. But if the required joint efficiency is 85%, we will do a series of spot testing to make sure that the joints are sound.

Radiographic Testing (RT) and Ultrasonic Testing (UT) are both methods of volumetric inspecting the weld joints to determine weld soundness. If a product successfully passes, then it means it is able to perform in the role that it’s been designed to perform in and meets the product specifications.

Our comprehensive testing and finishing may also include:

  • Magnetic Particle Testing (MT)
  • Dye Penetrant Testing (PT)
  • Soluble Salt Testing
  • Heat treating and stress relieving
  • Hardness Testing
  • Impact Testing
  • Adhesion and Holiday Testing
  • Full blast and lining profile measuring
  • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  • Environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Dry film thickness testing

The method of testing is determined by the needs and specifications of the product.

Transportation Fabrication Shipping Options

Another powerful advantage of partnering with T BAILEY, INC. is that our facilities have access to three kinds of shipping options. There is the deep-water port at Anacortes just five miles out, an international interstate ten miles away, and a rail spur a short seven miles from our facility.

These options allow you to choose the best shipping method for your specific project needs. And to help you make your decision, our team will provide a detailed cost analysis of each of the three shipping options.

T BAILEY, INC.’s Transportation Fabrication In Action

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