Industrial Water Storage Tanks: Fabrication & Repair

Steel Water Storage Tanks

Aboveground welded steel tanks are ideal for safe and economical water storage. T BAILEY, INC. has a history of working with owners to either field erect tanks or fabricate shop built tanks for placement on your site. Our location is ideal for transporting fabricated shop built tanks by truck, rail, or barge to the project site. T BAILEY, INC. has worked with public and private municipalities to ensure water storage tanks are built in accordance with AWWA D100 & D102 standards.


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welded steel water storage tanks

Repairs and Maintenance on Water Storage Tanks

Additionally, T BAILEY, INC. performs repairs and maintenance on AWWA D100 water storage tanks. Over time, tanks need maintenance, modifications, and coatings system evaluation – and potentially recoating. We can help to identify long-lasting solutions to your storage tank repairs and upgrades whether it is applying a top coat, complete removal and reapplication of coatings, or seal welding tanks to help eliminate internal corrosion.

T BAILEY, INC. understands the specific challenges of projects who receive government funding for either field erecting a new tank for water storage, or performing repairs and maintenance to an already existing tank.

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steel water storage tanks

Built with American Iron and Steel

If your project is receiving funding from CWSRF or DWSRF your project is subject to American Iron and Steel (AIS) requirements. T BAILEY, INC. reviews all certifications ensuring permanent materials subject to AIS requirements are accurate and complete and properly produced in the United States.


Types of water storage tanks T BAILEY builds include:

Cone roof tanks
Self-supported dome
Umbrella roofs (supported & non-supported)
Knuckle roof tanks
Single and multi-bay structurally supported roofs
Open top tanks

Wastewater storage tanks

Scheduling and Specific Needs

Time can be a factor when working with municipalities. We work with the owner on their scheduling needs and understand that all municipalities have different needs.

For water storage tanks, T BAILEY, INC. can be a valuable resource at any stage. Given the necessary criteria, T BAILEY, INC. can is a water storage tank manufacturer that can design and build tanks to meet your requirements, or we can work with an owners’ engineer to design the facility.


T BAILEY, INC. has knowledgeable NACE certified coating professionals that can help ensure you have proper coatings that meet the required international standards.


Explore a few featured steel water storage tank projects we have built before:

Renton 4.2 MG Hazen Water Reservoir

Gig Harbor Water Reservoir

Maple Ridge Water Reservoir


Water Tank Fabrication

Since 1991, T BAILEY, INC. has been providing the Northwest, West Coast, and Hawaii with superior water tank fabrication services. As a general contractor, we are a one-stop shop for water tanks, with the capabilities necessary to take a raw piece of land and transform it into a turn-key water reservoir or standpipe.

Continue reading to learn more about our steel water tank fabrication services, or contact T BAILEY, INC. today to request a quote for your project.

Steel Water Tank Fabrication Capabilities

Every American industry relies on water storage tanks to function smoothly. Whether it’s water standpipes for municipalities, processing tanks for shipyards, or fire suppression reservoirs for airports, we all depend on high-quality water tank fabrication in some way.

Here at T BAILEY, INC., we take pride in offering comprehensive water tank fabrication to organizations of all sizes and in all industries. Whether you need a shop-built or field-erected tank, you can depend on us to get the job done efficiently and done right.

Our capabilities include:

Tank Codes & Standards

We build water tanks for a variety of codes and standards, including AWWA D100, NFPA 22, API 650, UL 142, etc.

Design & Engineering

We collaborate with trusted local engineers to help us design and engineer tanks. We create shop drawings and begin fabrication once they’ve designed the tank according to client, code, and jurisdiction requirements.

Fabrication & Construction

As an all-inclusive manufacturer of welded steel water storage tanks, we handle every step of the process, including fabrication, coatings, shipment, and field construction. We fabricate horizontal and vertical shop-built tanks and fixed and floating-roof field-erected tanks.

Site Preparation

We don’t just build tanks. As a general contractor, we also clear trees, provide site grading, pour foundations, build pump houses, install piping, set up security, and drill the occasional horizontal directional bore.

Industrial Coatings

A unique advantage of partnering with T BAILEY, INC. is that our water tank fabrication facility includes a massive industrial painting and coating shop. Spanning 14,000 square feet, our coatings facility offers metalizing, priming, painting, and other coatings for water tanks. Keeping our coatings in-house enables us to control your project’s timeline and keep costs down.

Testing & Quality Control

We qualify all our welding procedures and welders and maintain quality by having multiple layers of inspection in place. All projects are monitored by our Director of Quality Assurance, who is a CWB Certified Welding Supervisor and AWS Certified Welding Inspector.

Shipping Options

Once our water tank fabricators have finished your tank, we offer three shipping options:

Rail – Our facility has easy access to a rail spur, enabling us to ship tanks anywhere in the continental USA and Canada.

Barge – We are just a short drive from the deep-water port at Anacortes, allowing us to ship large shop-built tanks as far as Hawaii and Alaska.

Truck – In-house drivers deliver tanks to local job sites and we coordinate with trusted third-party trucking companies for long-haul deliveries.

To help you make the best decision for your situation, we’ll provide you with a cost analysis of all three options.

Our Work History

For 30 years, T BAILEY, INC. has been building welded steel water storage tanks for industries in all kinds of environments, giving us a long track record of high-quality tank fabrication.

Industries We’ve Served

Some of the industries we’ve built water tanks for include:

Private developers
Production facilities
Industrial facilities
Military facilities
Water treatment facilities
Airports & seaports

Jobsite Conditions

We’ve built tanks in the heat of summer and the cold of Alaskan winter, in the pouring rain of the Puget Sound and the extreme wind of Columbia River Gorge. We’ve worked in remote locations with only logging roads for access, in tight sites, and within school zones.

No matter the time of year, location, or job site constraints, T BAILEY, INC. has the resources and experience required to get the job done right.

Water Tank Case Studies

When it comes to water tank size, the sky is, quite literally, the limit. We can build standpipes over 100’ high, reservoirs capable of holding tens of millions of gallons, and some of the largest shop-built tanks in the industry at 21’ in diameter.

To see what T BAILEY, INC.’s water tank fabricators look like in action, browse the following case studies:

Firgrove Zone 2A Standpipe (125’ tall)
Grand Mound Water Standpipe (55’ tall)
Highline Mansion Hill Reservoir (4.5 million gallons)
Conoco Philips Shop-Built Tanks (32’ tall)

A Water Tank Fabrication Company You Can Trust

T BAILEY INC. is dedicated to fabricating welded steel water storage tanks that stand the test of time. To get your project started, contact our office today.

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