T BAILEY, INC. Customer Complaints Policy: Empowering Your Voice

At T BAILEY, INC., we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled customer service and nurturing robust customer relationships across all tiers of our organization, from top-level management to frontline staff. Central to this commitment is our carefully crafted Customer Complaints Policy, designed to swiftly and effectively address any concerns or grievances you may encounter.

As a cherished patron of T BAILEY, INC., we value your feedback and believe in your right to express any issues or complaints you may have. Here’s an overview of our policy and procedures for managing both verbal and written complaints:

Key Highlights:

Our primary goal is to resolve complaints with efficiency and efficacy. Simply reach out to our dedicated customer service team at customerservice@tbailey.com, and we’ll spare no effort in rectifying any issues you’re facing with our services at the earliest opportunity.

Our Pledges:

Managing Your Complaint:

Upon receiving a complaint, we’ll promptly acknowledge it, either via phone or in writing, within two business days.

Urgent complaints, such as those related to financial distress, imminent service disconnection, or Priority Assistance, will be prioritized, with efforts to resolve them within two working days. Should additional time be necessary, we’ll communicate the reasons for any delays.

We’ll keep you updated on the progress of your complaint, outlining proposed actions and anticipated resolution timeframes.

While we aim to resolve complaints within 30 calendar days, we acknowledge that complex issues may require more time. In such cases, we’ll provide regular progress updates and expected resolution timeframes.

Following the resolution of your complaint, we’ll promptly inform you of the outcome, with written notification available upon request.

Step One:

If you have a complaint regarding any aspect of your account or interactions with T BAILEY, INC., we encourage you to first contact our Customer Service department at customerservice@tbailey.com. Our primary aim is to address the majority of inquiries or complaints during the initial contact.

You can reach us via phone at a local rate. Alternatively, if you prefer written communication, we’ll respond promptly and confirm details in writing upon your request. Additionally, you have the option to appoint an authorized representative or advocate to communicate with us on your behalf.

Step Two:

Complaints received by T BAILEY, INC. are overseen by our dedicated customer service management team. If immediate resolution isn’t feasible, an investigation may be necessary, which could take up to 15 business days or longer. Rest assured, we’ll keep you informed of the progress and any anticipated delays.

Step Three:

Upon the resolution of your complaint, we’ll provide you with timely notification within 10 business days.

At T BAILEY, INC. we do our utmost to ensure client satisfaction. For all enquiries please contact customerservice@tbailey.com.