Steel Construction Company: Services You Can Depend On

Steel Construction Service Company

T BAILEY, INC. is a steel construction company with over 30 years of experience delivering superior metal fabrication services for clients across various industries in the Northwest and West Coast, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Our Construction Services Division comprises a diverse network of individuals, each with extensive knowledge and a dedicated mission to our facility’s high-quality in-house steel fabrication and building service for large-scale projects.

High-Quality Product: Steel Structure Projects

Regardless of whether your carbon or stainless steel construction project is a fully designed public bid or a privately negotiated design/build of any steel structure, our team will thoroughly review all of the specifics to come up with the best possible approach to minimize your costs, ensure safety and maintain your schedule.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to tackling each project’s unique constraints to find a creative solution and deliver high-quality products. Whether you have a tight site, restricted new facility access, poor soils, complex foundations, strict safety requirements, remote locations, or demanding schedules – you name it, and we’ll find a way to get your industrial steel fabrication requirements done!

Steel Building Services & Capabilities

T BAILEY, INC. is a one-stop steel construction company for fabricating all your required steel structures. This means we have the technology, expertise, and dedicated team members necessary to complete every phase of your project — from preliminary planning, budgeting, and scheduling to required permitting, design, building, closeout, and maintenance; we can help.

Custom and Pre Engineered Steel Buildings

We have experience working with the majority of the design engineers and engineering testing agencies in the industry and will use our experience and reputation to help move your project forward. Design and engineering services are available by both civil and/or structural P.E., with registration in the following states:

  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Oregon
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Hawaii

Our project management team is well-versed with many years of experience in the paperwork and submittal processes required from local and federal agencies and will help you maintain momentum and properly document your industrial steel building job or large-scale projects.

Specialized Fabrication of Steel Structures

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We specialize in welded steel tank fabrication and building of bulk fuel and water facilities and have experienced civil crews throughout all progress to perform the site, utility, and concrete work needed to take a raw piece of land to its finished stage.

Your project will get the attention it deserves regardless of whether you need a small or massive industrial tank for agriculture. One more advantage of partnering with T BAILEY, INC. as your steel construction company is that we can perform our own site preparation, including:

  • Earthwork
  • Underground utilities, including vault work and seismic valves
  • Concrete foundations of buildings
  • Fabricating
  • Painting
  • Completing the installation and erection process of the steel structure or vessel

Expert Team Across The USA

Across the North and Southeast USA, our turn-key approach creates flexibility for our customers and allows for efficiency, service support, competitive pricing, and aggressive construction scheduling up until completion. T BAILEY, INC. is prepared to bring our high-quality expertise to your next project. For more information about our steel construction services, contact T BAILEY, INC. today.


Repair & Maintenance Services

Our steel contractors can also upgrade your existing facility to meet today’s design standards. Our capabilities include (but are not limited to):

  • Seismic upgrades to foundations
  • Anchoring systems
  • Adding shell stiffeners to ground tanks
  • Adding turnbuckles or friction dampeners to elevated tanks
  • Security and access upgrades
  • Roof and bottom replacements
  • Roof vent upgrades
  • Coating and repainting upgrades

A Steel Fabrication Company That The Construction Industry Depends On

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Since 1991, T BAILEY, INC. has been designing, fabricating, and constructing high-quality products such as field-erected tanks, steel buildings, and reservoirs across various industries and end users.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office today to learn more about our steel building fabrication services and how we can ensure the success of your ideas and high-level projects with ongoing support.



Our roots in industrial construction have given us the experience your project needs.


With a ride range of coating abilities, our industrial painting division can provide the surface preparation and coatings your project needs.

Main Equipment

Our facilities are geared to the fabrication of AWWA and API field-erected welded steel storage tanks, UL and API shop tanks, pressure vessels, AWWA C200 water pipe, wind energy towers, large plate exhaust duct, and large diameter casing. Fabricated materials can be primed and painted before being shipped directly to a client’s jobsite or tied in with our construction division.

  • 4-roll hydraulic plate bending rolls, up to 2.75” x 10’-0 wide plate
  • CNC plasma cutting machines, 11’ x 50’ water tables
  • Numerous tandem head welding manipulators
  • Numerous single head welding manipulators
  • Tank/vessel turning roll sets, up to 100-ton capacity
  • Automated blasting system
  • Blask booth 25’ x 120’
  • Paint Booth 25’ x 120’
  • Iron workers
  • Several overhead bridge cranes, up to 50 tons capacity
  • Welding power sources for most welding processes
    • SAW
    • FCAW
    • SMAW
    • GMAW
    • GTAW
    • EWS
  • Angle iron bending rolls
  • 3 O’Clock automatic welders
  • Press brake
  • Multiple forklifts, up to 55 tons capacity
  • RT hydraulic cranes, up to 60-ton capacity
  • Scissor and snorkel personnel lifts
  • Extended boom forklifts
  • Dozer and excavators
  • Long haul trucks and trailers
  • Vertamatic welders
  • 5-axis CNC contour beveling plasma cutting table


Quality Control Certifications

As part of our commitment to quality, we work toward continuous improvement and maintain compliance with industry codes and standards.


What can we do for you?

Through experience, innovation, and planning, T BAILEY, INC. delivers each project on budget, with unmatchable quality, and precise timing. Contact us and see how we can help you complete your project.