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For 30 years, T BAILEY, INC. has served the West Coast, Northwest, and Hawaii with superior wastewater tank fabrication services. Whether you’re looking for a general contractor to help you set up a waste water holding tank or simply a fabrication contractor, we have the capabilities necessary to get the job done right.

Read on to learn more about our wastewater storage tank services or contact T BAILEY, INC. today to receive an estimate for your needs.


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Steel Wastewater Tank Fabrication Capabilities

Wastewater tanks are vital to the health of communities and organizations. And while large concrete reservoirs and man-made ponds may be effective for municipal wastewater, we find smaller communities, remote developments, and isolated industrial facilities turning to steel tanks for their on-site wastewater treatment systems.

Here at T BAILEY INC., we’re proud to offer a wide variety of wastewater tank fabrication services, including:

CSO & SSO Wastewater Storage Tanks

Primary & Secondary Clarifiers

Dewatered Sludge Silos

Chlorination Tanks

pH Balancing Tanks

ATAD Tanks

Anaerobic Digestion Tanks

Raw Waste Storage

Flocculation Tanks

Effluent Storage

And more…

In addition to steel wastewater tank fabrication, we also fabricate and install circulation systems, piping, and the other tank hardware required to process and treat wastewater.

Waste Water Tank Codes & Standards

We can manufacture wastewater storage tanks for most standards and codes, including AWWA D100, API 650, NFPA 22, UL 142, etc.

Site Preparation

As a trusted general contractor, we can complete all the necessary site preparation. From clearing trees to pouring foundations, setting up security, and building pump houses, we’ll coordinate our internal resources and network of local contractors to get the site ready for tank construction.

Fabrication & Construction

T BAILEY INC. is your one-stop-shop for wastewater holding tank fabrication. We handle every step of the process, taking your project from fabrication to coatings to shipment. Need a field-erected tank? Our skilled field crews will construct your tank on-site — transforming a raw patch of land into a turn-key wastewater tank.

Industrial Coatings

We eliminated the need to ship parts to a third-party coatings company by attaching a massive industrial coatings facility to our steel fab shop. This 14,000 square foot facility lets us blast, prime, paint, and metalize parts and tanks before shipment.

Testing & Quality Control

T BAILEY INC. takes pride in fabricating wastewater treatment tanks that stand the test of time. We achieve this by qualifying all our welding procedures, welding technicians, and extensively testing each tank. Additionally, all our projects are overseen by our AWS Certified Welding Inspector and CWB Certified Welding Supervisor.

Shipping Options

A unique advantage of ordering your wastewater treatment tank from T BAILEY INC. is that we can ship your completed tank three ways:

Barge – Our close proximity to Anacrotes’ deep-water port enables us to fabricate larger-than-usual shop-built tanks. We’ve shipped tanks up to 22’ in diameter using this method.

Rail – We are just a couple miles from a rail spur, allowing us to transport tanks anywhere in the USA and Canada.

Truck – If your job site is local, then delivery is managed by our fleet of delivery trucks. Located out of state? We’ll partner with reliable trucking companies to get your tank to its destination.

Our goal is to help our customers keep costs down, so we’ll draw up a cost analysis of the shipping options for your project so that you can make the best decision for your situation.


Industries We Serve:






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Our Work History

Since 1991, T BAILEY INC. has been fabricating high-quality wastewater treatment tanks for various applications and industries. Our breadth of experience has established us as leaders in our field and given us the expertise necessary to work on nearly every kind of steel tank project.

Industries We Work With

Good candidates for steel wastewater storage tanks include developments in remote locations and industrial facilities that don’t have access to a municipal wastewater system. That said, we accept projects from every industry and have built steel storage tanks for:


Public works

Production facilities

Private developers

Military facilities

Seaports & airports

Jobsite Conditions

Another advantage of partnering with T BAILEY INC. is that we have a successful track record of building tanks in all kinds of environments. Our crews are adept at constructing tanks from Alaskan winters to the heat of Eastern Washington’s summers despite the weather.

We also have extensive experience working deep in the forest or on secluded hilltops, using only logging roads for access — a necessary skill for remote wastewater tank job sites.

A Wastewater Tank Company You Can Depend On

T BAILEY INC. is committed to high-quality steel fabrication. To learn more about our waste water holding tank services, contact our team today.

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