Civil Construction Services

T BAILEY, INC. has been a leading civil construction company for 30 years, serving Washington and beyond. We have experience across the entire spectrum of civil construction work, notably earthwork and underground. Our team is skilled, passionate, and ready to work together with you on a civil construction project.

Top-Quality Civil Construction

Civil construction is a subsection of civil engineering and refers to the design, fabrication, and maintenance of infrastructure. Common examples of civil construction projects include buildings, bridges, roads, water storage and transport systems, or airports. T BAILEY, INC. has extensive experience with municipal clients, especially regarding water storage and transport systems.

T BAILEY, INC. offers superior quality civil construction services. Our experts will collaborate with you from the beginning, ensuring the proposed designs are accurate, precise, and that all details are suitable for their intended purpose.

In addition to excellent customer communication, our customers can expect:

  • Quality control in all processes. Both on-site and in-shop projects are overseen by a quality manager and all products are checked for quality.
  • On-time delivery. We deliver all over the Pacific Northwest as well as to Canada, Alaska, and along the West Coast.
  • Adherence to international standards and protocols. Our facilities and team follow all necessary standards to guarantee safety.

Most civil construction projects are site-specific; as such, they are largely customizable. T BAILEY, INC. has a range of bigger equipment available and can successfully complete large-scale projects within any industry. For more information about our civil construction services, contact T BAILEY, INC. today.

T BAILEY, INC. Civil Construction Projects

Since civil construction projects can take many forms, a couple of projects successfully completed in the past are the USACE Centralized Fueling Station in Yakima, WA, and the Water System Improvement Project in Vale, OR.

The USACE Centralized Fueling Station had both fabrication and underground on-site work. In total, five new tanks were added: three API 650 fuel tanks and two UL 142 fuel tanks. Yakima is a relatively short distance from our facilities located in Anacortes, WA. Our team transported the products, tools, and equipment by truck.

Similarly, the Water System Improvement Project in Vale, OR was a combination of fabrication and underground on-site work. This was a very large project and was extremely important to the local community: a new water system was needed to rid the municipal water system of toxins. 

T BAILEY, INC. was charged with building a brand-new water treatment facility in addition to three water tanks and a reservoir. Our team was also responsible for the plumbing, electrical, piping, and testing of the structures. We are meticulous during the planning stages so that projects are completed smoothly and on time.

What Does Every Construction Plan Set Up Require?

When starting a new project, our team needs to know the intended purpose, accurate size, details of the location, etc. We will work closely with you to create as specific a plan as possible. After the overall project plan has been finalized and approved, we will begin fabrication. 

Most of our civil construction projects involve on-site earthwork, and that will start with the site being cleared. Once the products are fabricated and the site is ready, the structures will be put into place. Since T BAILEY, INC. offers comprehensive service, we can do everything from surveying the site to adding utilities to building finishes.

Our Intensive Product Testing & Quality Control

T BAILEY, INC. performs regular in-house inspections on all equipment, tools, and processes. We operate under a Quality Management System to guarantee all fabrication and production adhere to the relevant codes and standards. As our services extend into Canada, we follow international standards, including from the CWB.

We comply with the following codes and standards:

  • AWWA D100 – Welded Carbon Steel Tanks for Water Storage
  • AWWA C200 & C206 – Steel Water Pipe
  • API 650 – Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage
  • API 620, 651 & 653
  • UL 142 Steel Aboveground Tanks for Flammable/Combustible Liquids
  • STI F921 Double-Wall Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code – Steel
  • AWS D1.6 Structural Welding Code – Stainless Steel
  • CWB W59
  • CWB W47.1
  • ASME Section VIII, Division 1
  • ASME Section IX

Future of Civil Construction

Innovation is one of T BAILEY, INC.’s core principles. Combined with customer satisfaction, innovation and passion drive us forward. Every unique project we undertake motivates our team to constantly improve. 

T BAILEY, INC.: Civil Construction Services You Can Rely On

The T BAILEY, INC. team of experts is always ready to begin a new project. With experience spanning multiple industries, excellent quality and reliable schedules are standard practice. If you would like a project quote, or simply have some questions, please give us a call!



Our roots in industrial construction have given us the experience your project needs.


With a ride range of coating abilities, our industrial painting division can provide the surface preparation and coatings your project needs.

Main Equipment

Our facilities are geared to the fabrication of AWWA and API field-erected welded steel storage tanks, UL and API shop tanks, pressure vessels, AWWA C200 water pipe, wind energy towers, large plate exhaust duct, and large diameter casing. Fabricated materials can be primed and painted before being shipped directly to a client’s jobsite or tied in with our construction division.

  • 4-roll hydraulic plate bending rolls, up to 2.75” x 10’-0 wide plate
  • CNC plasma cutting machines, 11’ x 50’ water tables
  • Numerous tandem head welding manipulators
  • Numerous single head welding manipulators
  • Tank/vessel turning roll sets, up to 100-ton capacity
  • Automated blasting system
  • Iron workers
  • Several overhead bridge cranes, up to 50 tons capacity
  • Welding power sources for most welding processes
    • SAW
    • FCAW
    • SMAW
    • GMAW
    • GTAW
    • EWS
  • Angle iron bending rolls
  • 3 O’Clock automatic welders
  • Press brake
  • Multiple forklifts, up to 55 tons capacity
  • RT hydraulic cranes, up to 60-ton capacity
  • Scissor and snorkel personnel lifts
  • Extended boom forklifts
  • Dozer and excavators
  • Long haul trucks and trailers
  • Vertamatic welders


Quality Control Certifications

As part of our commitment to quality, we work toward continuous improvement and maintain compliance with industry codes and standards.


What can we do for you?

Through experience, innovation, and planning, T BAILEY, INC. delivers each project on budget, with unmatchable quality, and precise timing. Contact us and see how we can help you complete your project.