Firewater Tank Fabrication

Since 1991, T BAILEY INC. has operated as the leading fire protection storage tank manufacturer in the Northwest. Our vast experience in shop-fabricated and field-erected above ground water tanks means that we’re able to deliver superior craftsmanship at efficient speeds and for a competitive price.

No matter how complex your fire protection water storage tank specification is, T BAILEY INC. has the technology and technical expertise to get the job done. We’ve successfully completed water storage tank projects for Northwest oil refineries, federal gov contracting agencies, Co-Generation plants, private developers, and public works agencies.

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Above-Ground Water Storage Tanks for Fire Protection: Our Capabilities

The tank experts at our massive fabrication facility in Anacortes are able to construct just about any type of storage tank for fire protection. The size of our facility and our large inventory of equipment means that we are a one-stop-shop for all your water tank needs. From design and fabrication to site preparation and tank coatings, T BAILEY INC. has the capability to start with nothing but your business need and deliver a turnkey water storage tank. For more information about our firewater tank fabrication services, contact T BAILEY, INC. today.

Fire Protection Tank Types & Sizes

We build all kinds of steel fire protection tanks, including everything from one-hundred-gallon tanks all the way up to massive water reservoirs capable of holding millions of gallons.

Typically, steel-welded standpipes and water storage reservoirs with a diameter of over 15 feet are constructed in the field by one of our skilled field-erection crews. These large fire protection tanks can range anywhere from 15 feet in diameter to well over 250 feet, with heights swelling from 16 feet to over 140 feet.

Water storage tanks smaller than 15 feet wide by 60 feet tall are fabricated and assembled in our shop. Once properly coated, these shop-built tanks are delivered to the job site.

Materials Used

The vast majority of our water storage tanks for fire protection are made from either stainless or carbon steel, though we can accommodate other materials if necessary. The grade of steel used depends on the exact specifications of your tank.

Tank Codes

We fabricate all our fire suppression tanks in accordance with AWWA D100 Standard. This standard regulates everything from fabrication and testing to site preparation and foundation construction.

We also follow AWWA D102, which is the standard for coating steel water tanks. Our ability to coat and paint your tank in our industrial paint shop is a major advantage of partnering with T BAILEY INC., as this reduces transportation costs and enables us to tightly control your project’s timeline.

Site Preparation

As a start-to-finish fire water tank fabrication company, T BAILEY INC. has the capability to deliver site preparation for your tank. This includes underground utility installation, earthwork preparation, and foundation construction. Once the tank is built, we can also affix a decorative decal to the side.


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Different Types of Fire Protection Tanks

While we deliver many kinds of water storage tanks for fire suppression, the two gold standards in this industry are steel-welded reservoirs and standpipes. These large steel tanks can hold any capacity of water and can serve a residential community or company for decades with minimal maintenance.

The primary difference between standpipes and reservoirs is that standpipes are taller than their diameter, while reservoir tanks are wider than they are tall.

Both styles of tank rely on gravity to operate, so the ideal tank for your situation typically depends on the terrain. If you’re able to build the tank uphill from the community it’s serving, then a reservoir is likely the best choice. Whereas if you’re building the tank in a flat region, then you’ll likely need a standpipe as the standpipe’s height will be necessary to create the gravity it requires to operate.

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Partner With the Experts

T BAILEY INC. has invested many years into carefully optimizing our fabrication process and building a facility that can accommodate all kinds of fire protection tanks. But the real advantage of partnering with us for all your tank needs comes from our dedicated staff.

Our team members have spent decades building tanks with us and bring their deep, multi-generational expertise to every project — helping us deliver high-quality tanks that stand the test of time.

To learn more about our fire protection water storage tank capabilities or to request a bid, please contact T BAILEY INC. today.

Quality Control Certifications

As part of our commitment to quality, we work toward continuous improvement and maintain compliance with industry codes and standards.


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