Port Mann Bridge Piling

T BAILEY, INC. fabricated sixty-three 240′ lengths of bridge pilings for the new Port Mann Bridge in B.C., Canada. The pilings were assembled and shipped in full 240′ lengths from the Port of Anacortes to the new bridge site in B.C. on a special tipping barge at the rate of 14 pilings every 14 days.

Each of the 63 bridge pilings were constructed in 120’ sections at T BAILEY, INC.’s Anacortes, WA steel fabrication facility and then trucked to the Port of Anacortes where they were welded into the full 240’ lengths. The completed pilings were 100% UT tested prior to shipment to the jobsite. Each 240’ long bridge piling weighed in at approximately 272,000 lbs. (over 17 million pounds of steel total for the 63 pilings) and required a 750 ton crane with a 60’ reach to be loaded onto the special tipping barge. The barge could hold 14 piles per shipment and made the trip back and forth to the jobsite every 14 days to be reloaded to feed the demand for piling placement. Once the barge reached the bridge site each section was tipped up and vibrated into the ground by ‘The General’ (the largest barge crane in the West Coast). These bridge pilings were second in size only to the new San Francisco Bay Bridge.


The Project

Name: Port Mann Bridge Piling
Category: Shop Fabrication

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