Klamath Irrigation District Penstock Project

Klamath Falls Penstock Project

R & G Excavating contracted T BAILEY INC. to deliver 1000’ feet of penstock pipe for an irrigation project in southern Oregon. The job site stretched across farmland and the penstock was designed to connect a large water reservoir with an irrigation system for the surrounding land.

Continue reading to learn more about the scope of this project and why T BAILEY INC. was uniquely qualified to complete this penstock job.

Scope of the Klamath Penstock Project

T BAILEY INC. delivered approximately 1,000 linear feet of pipe for this ambitious penstock project. The project specifications were:

  • Length: 1,000’ of penstock pipe
  • Diameter: 10’
  • Thickness: ½” thick steel pipe

The majority of the penstock was buried, but certain portions were elevated and we fabricated catwalks for all the sections of penstock that went over water. We also designed and fabricated a trash rack structure to capture debris as water flows out of the penstock.

Once fabrication was completed, T BAILEY INC. provided ultrasonic and x-ray testing

Next, the penstock sections were passed on to our in-house industrial paint shop for surface preparation and coating application.

The pipe exterior was blast cleaned in accordance with SSPC-SP 6 and then received a three-layer coating that included a zinc primer, epoxy intermediate coat, and a polyurethane finish coat.

Once fabrication, coating, and testing were complete, T BAILEY INC. coordinated with third-party delivery crews to get the penstock sections to the job site.


Why T BAILEY INC. Was Uniquely Qualified to Work on This Project

An advantage of partnering with T BAILEY INC. for penstock fabrication is our in-house industrial paint and coatings shop. This 14,000 square foot surface prep and painting facility enables us to roll pipe sections off the fabrication line and directly into the coatings shop.

Our surface preparation, painting, and coating services are led by industry experts, including three NACE Certified Level III Inspectors with a combined 70 years of experience in metal coating.

Additionally, our multiple in-house CWIs (Certified Welding Inspectors) and certified NDE inspectors help lower fabrication costs, as we’re able to complete testing in-house rather than hire a third-party crew. Our history of penstock work prior to this was another advantage that helped us qualify for this project.

In summation, working with us enables you to have a single point of contact for your entire project, from design to fabrication and coating to delivery — we’re your one-stop shop for all things penstock. This cuts down on transportation costs and affords you a reliable deadline, as we control all aspects of the fabrication process and can quickly adapt our processes should unexpected challenges arise.


The Northwest’s Leading Penstock Fabricator

T BAILEY INC.’s commitment to superior pipe fabrication has established us as one of the Northwest’s leading penstock fabrication companies. By partnering with us for your penstock project, you secure quality metal fabrication, straightforward communication, and on-time delivery.

To learn more about our penstock capabilities and how we can help you complete your project on schedule, contact our team of fabrication experts today.

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