West Coast Reductions

T BAILEY, INC was contracted by West Coast Reduction Ltd to design, fabricate, and erect four large tallow tanks. Designed off-site, fabrication was completed in the company’s state-of-the-art 125,000-square-foot facility shop in Anacortes, WA. The tanks were then shipped overland to the client’s location.

Project Overview

The project involved manufacturing four 48-foot tall tanks. Two of these were 32 feet in diameter, while the other two were 55 feet in diameter, so nearly double the size. 

The project, which took about six months to complete, involved a varied team of about 20 or more specialists and workmen. It took about half this time to design and fabricate the tanks. The rest of the time was spent in the field, erecting the tanks where they were needed by the client. 

Once the off-site engineer had designed the tanks, an in-house T BAILEY, INC team of two detailed it.  Fabrication involved manufacturing a range of different parts, pieces, ladders, and other carefully specified items. This involved between five and ten fitters, fabricators, welders, machinists, and so on working in accordance with strict manufacturing quality and safety requirements. 

Once complete, another four professionals from the company’s coating department were responsible for surface preparation and priming of all the steel needed to assemble and erect the parts in the field. 

Despite the fact that the project ran smoothly and was completed on time, there was one challenge the T BAILEY, INC team faced. While they were busy erecting the tanks, the owner of the tanks was developing heat coils for the tanks. At this stage, West Coast Reduction Ltd decided it would be best to incorporate mixers in the tanks to accommodate the coils. This meant T. BAILEY, INC had to add nozzles to the tanks as well as design new parts that would support the new mixers that weighed in at about 1,500 lbs.  

That, in turn, meant returning to the T BAILEY, INC. Washington facility for the design and fabrication of these new parts.  

Field Construction

The site where the tanks were to be erected was only about four miles east of the T BAILEY, INC facility, which played in the company’s favor. 

Once the steel was ready, workers loaded all the parts and transported them to the site. There was a team of five on-site to erect the four tanks. Additionally, T BAILEY, INC hired a subcontractor to do the final finishes. 

Even though there was a hiccup with additional parts being needed for the mixers and coils, it didn’t result in any delays for the experienced team at T BAILEY, INC. Even working on a tight schedule, they were able to fabricate the new parts needed to complete the job and ship them to the site in record time. Finally, those responsible for erecting the tanks were able to integrate the additional parts successfully into the final stage of the tank erection.  

Our Services At Work

The team at T BAILEY, INC is proud of their commitment to meet quality, safety, and precise fabrication requirements. They set standards at every level, which includes a timeframe for every job the company expects the team to meet. 

When specifications changed more than halfway through the West Coast Reductions project, team members rallied to get the job done. Extensive experience and unshakeable commitment ensured that they completed the job on time, without compromising quality or design. 

If you’re looking for a reliable company to undertake top-heavy steel fabrication or industrial construction work, T BAILEY, INC is the best in the Northwest.  

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