Guam Project

The H20 Guam Joint Venture project involved major repairs and modernization of the Lima Wharf at Apra Harbor Naval Base in Guam. Initiated in January 2021, it was a significant project costing more than $98 million. T BAILEY, INC. was contracted to fabricate crucial pile casings and pivotal “top hat” storm-mooring bollard assemblies.

Project Overview

This challenging project involved fabricating 18 pile casings and eight storm bollard “top hat” assemblies at the T BAILEY industrial plant in Anacortes, Washington.

In total the job required 290 tons of high-quality carbon steel and it entailed completing 194 welds. Of these 110 were longitudinal and 84 circumferential. Additionally, the welding team rolled 110 individual cans that they then welded into the assemblies.


A pipe is never just another pipe! There were three size/weight specifications for the pile casings alone:

  • Two 70-foot long casings with a diameter of 60 inches and thickness of 1⅛ inches. Each one weighed 42,445 pounds.
  • Eight 51-foot long casings with a diameter of 60 inches and thickness of 1⅜ inches. Each of these weighed 43,915 pounds.
  • Eight 31-foot long, ¾-inch thick casings with a diameter of 36 inches. Each one of these weighed 8,765 pounds.

All the pile welds were executed using the subarc welding process. Once complete, they were 100% ultrasonically tested and 100% visually inspected in line with T BAILEY’s stringent quality control process.

Storm Bollard “Top Hat” Assemblies

All eight of these had the same specifications. Each one comprised two different-sized sections aligned and welded together. The top pipes had an outside diameter of 60” and were 6 feet long and had anchor studs welded to the inside. The wider bottom pipes were 4’ 10⅝” in diameter and 4’ 6” long.

They were also tested and visually inspected.

Transportation of the Casings and Assemblies

T BAILEY is renowned for its ability to find the very best transportation solutions. Since the pile casing and “top hat” assemblies were fabricated in the shop for the H20 Guam Joint Venture, shipping was by truck and by barge.

They started shipping in November 2021, trucking the two 70’ foot pile casings overland to Long Beach in California. From there they were barged to Guam, then trucked from the dock to the naval base.

The shorter casings and “top hat” storm bollards were trucked south to Tacoma, WA. They were then also barged all the way to Guam and then trucked from dock to site. Delivery was complete by the end of March 2022.

Our Services at Work

Apart from our daily safety and quality control challenges to design and fabricate the best products possible, distances from Anacortes to Guam created additional demands. Apart from road shipping, Long Beach to Guam is about 8,300 nautical miles, and Tacoma to Guam is about 4,929 nautical miles. But T. BAILEY is used to challenges and thrives on meeting and beating them.

If you are looking for a reliable team for your next especially challenging project, T BAILEY is here for you. Call us today!

Possible captions

  • A T BAILEY truck loaded with a storm bollard “top hat” pipe assembly.
  • and 3. Installing the pile casings at the harbor.
  • 5. and 6. “Top hat” pipe assemblies loaded into T BAILEY trucks ready for transportation.

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