ROC Equipment Hawaii Light Rail Casing Fabrication Project

T BAILEY INC. was brought on as a supplier to fabricate the drilled shaft casing for the new Honolulu Rail Transit Project (also called the Honolulu High-Capacity Transit Corridor Project).

This rapid transit, urban rail system has been under construction since 2012 and the first phase of the project is scheduled to open in March 2021. If the project continues according to plan, the second phase will open in 2022 and the final stretch of stations will be opened in late 2025.

In total, the rail line spans 20 miles and is almost entirely elevated, with the track resting on hundreds of bridge piers. The piers are supported by drilled shafts, which is where T BAILEY INC.’s steel casing has played a crucial role in the ongoing construction of this light rail project. A highlight of this project is that one of the drilled shafts we fabricated casing for is officially the deepest fully-cased drilled shaft in the world. 

Scope of the ROC Equipment Hawaii Light Rail Casing Project

T BAILEY INC. has provided 8,256’ worth of open-ended steel casing during our time subcontracting for the Honolulu Rail Transit Project. The casing specifications have been:

  • Length: 20’ to 48’
  • Diameter: 78” to 132”
  • Thickness: 1” to 1 ¼”

Hardware: some casing required 2” thick, 2’ long cutting shoes. These were fabricated with notches cut into in the end and cutting teeth welded in, to help the casing cut through soil and rock when being drilled into the ground.

Since the start of our contract, the scope of this project has stayed fairly standard. The only instances where change orders were necessary were when the client’s barges lost pieces of casing to the Pacific Ocean and we needed to remake those sections of casing.

Besides these shipping hiccups, the project has gone very smoothly, and we have provided the following products and services:

  • Design: While the client’s engineer designed the casing, T BAILEY, INC. provided detailing and shop drawings.
  • Fabrication: We have fabricated 8,256’ of steel casing. The entire fabrication and coating process was done in-house.
  • Testing: Our in-house testing crew provided 100% visual inspection and dimension checks.
  • Delivery: We trucked all the casing from our fabrication facilities in Anacortes, down thru Seattle, and to an Oregon port. There, the casing was loaded onto a barge and shipped to Honolulu.


Why T BAILEY INC. Was the Perfect Supplier for this Fabrication Project

T BAILEY INC. has operated as the Northwest’s leading fabricator since 1991, providing expert fabrication services for projects all across the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska. Our long-standing and healthy relationship with many of the general contractors operating in this region means that T BAILEY INC. is a recognized and trusted fabricator in the industry.

Our steadfast commitment to quality is demonstrated by the work of our research division, which is constantly looking for new and better ways to fabricate, weld, and work with steel. Our health and safety division is another indicator of T BAILEY INC.’s dedication to superior workmanship — we put the safety of our crews first, taking care of them so that they can focus on fabricating better products for our customers.

Based on our work history in Hawaii, our trusted reputation, and our ability to quickly adapt and scale to the needs of our customers, T BAILEY INC. was the perfect fabrication subcontractor for this casing project.


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T BAILEY INC.’s dedication to quality is what has established our reputation as the Northwest’s leading casing fabrication company. By partnering with us on your heavy steel fabrication project, you ensure dependable results, on-schedule delivery, and straightforward communication through every phase of your project.

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