LAX People Mover Casing Fabrication

Between phase 1 and phase 2 of the APM project, T BAILEY INC. has supplied approximately 4,000 linear feet of open-ended steel casing. So far, the specifications of this project have been:

  • Length: 14’ to 36’
  • Diameter: 70” to 132”
  • Thickness: We supplied three thicknesses of casing: ⅜”, 1”, and 1.5”
14' to 36'
70” to 132”
⅜”, 1”, and 1.5”

T BAILEY INC. was brought onto the LAX Automated People Mover project as a casing supplier for the rail system’s bridge piers. While the project broke ground in March 2019, it is still ongoing and won’t be completed until at least 2023. 

The LAX Automated People Mover (APM) is an electric train that will move travelers between the terminals at LAX and a yet to be named station on the LA Metro’s LAX/Crenshaw Line. The APM will have a total of six stations, with three inside the airport’s Central Terminal Area and three outside. 

In total, the electric rail line will span 2.25 miles. The entire APM is elevated, resting on hundreds of bridge piers. The piers are founded on drilled shafts, which is where T BAILEY INC.’s casing is being used. 

So far, the scope of this casing project has remained fairly standard. T BAILEY INC. has cut, rolled, and assembled all of the casing in-house, and worked with our client for delivery to the LAX job site. 

Despite the standard nature of this project, we at T BAILEY INC. haven’t written it off as a simple “round and rusty” casing project. We take deep pride in our workmanship and so put as much dedication into simple projects as we do complex ones. The quality of our work has been recognized and appreciated by the engineers and crews working directly with the steel casing we’ve supplied. 

Why T BAILEY INC. Was the Perfect Steel Casing Supplier for this Project

A huge benefit of partnering with T BAILEY INC. is that when it comes to steel casing fabrication, we’re a one-stop-shop. From fabrication to testing and coating, we have the technology and talent necessary to complete every step of the casing manufacturing process in-house. 

Since we don’t rely on third-party contractors, we’re able to keep tight control on the project’s timeline, delivering on time and often beating the project’s deadlines. By keeping everything in-house, we’re also able to control costs, giving our clients better value and higher quality fabrication for their money. 

All of these advantages played a key role in helping T BAILEY INC. secure our contract as a supplier for the LAX Automated People Mover project. 

A Steel Casing Fabrication Company You Can Count On 

Our commitment to quality workmanship has elevated T BAILEY INC.’s reputation across the West Coast and established our fabrication shop as an industry leader. By partnering with us for your casing project, you secure dependable results, reliable cost estimates, and on-time delivery. 

To learn more about our steel casing capabilities and how T BAILEY INC. can help complete your project on schedule, contact our team today. 

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