Water Storage & Wastewater

Wastewater Storage and Steel Water Storage Tanks

Aboveground welded steel tanks are ideal for safe and economical water storage and wastewater treatment. T BAILEY, INC. has a history of working with owners to either field erect tanks or fabricate shop built tanks for placement on your site. Our location is ideal for transporting fabricated shop built tanks by truck, rail, or barge to the project site. T BAILEY, INC. has worked with public and private municipalities to ensure tanks are built in accordance with AWWA D100 & D102 standards.


Industries We Serve:

Marine Fabrication

Pipeline Transportation

Chemical Storage Tanks

Water Storage & Wastewater

Oil & Gas Storage Tanks

Pulp & Paper Storage Tanks

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Repairs and Maintenance on Water and Wastewater Storage Tanks

Additionally, T BAILEY, INC. performs repairs and maintenance on AWWA D100 water storage tanks. Over time, tanks need maintenance, modifications, and coatings system evaluation – and potentially recoating. We can help to identify long-lasting solutions to your storage tank repairs and upgrades whether it is applying a top coat, complete removal and reapplication of coatings, or seal welding tanks to help eliminate internal corrosion.

T BAILEY, INC. understands the specific challenges of projects who receive government funding for either field erecting a new tank for water storage or wastewater, or performing repairs and maintenance to an already existing tank.

steel water storage tanks

Built with American Iron and Steel

If your project is receiving funding from CWSRF or DWSRF your project is subject to American Iron and Steel (AIS) requirements. T BAILEY, INC. reviews all certifications ensuring permanent materials subject to AIS requirements are accurate and complete and properly produced in the United States.


Types of water storage and wastewater storage tanks T BAILEY builds include:

Cone roof tanks
Self-supported dome
Umbrella roofs (supported & non-supported)
Knuckle roof tanks
Single and multi-bay structurally supported roofs
Open top tanks

Wastewater storage tanks

Scheduling and Specific Needs

Time can be a factor when working with municipalities. We work with the owner on their scheduling needs and understand that all municipalities have different needs.

For water and waste treatment plants, T BAILEY, INC. can be a valuable resource at any stage. Given the necessary criteria, T BAILEY, INC. can design and build water storage and wastewater storage tanks to meet your requirements, or we can work with an owners’ engineer to design the facility.


T BAILEY, INC. has knowledgeable NACE certified coating professionals that can help ensure you have proper coatings that meet the required international standards.


Explore a few featured steel water storage tank and wastewater storage tank projects we have built before:

Renton 4.2 MG Hazen Water Reservoir

Gig Harbor Water Reservoir

Maple Ridge Water Reservoir

Our Customers

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Steel Water Storage Tanks


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Water storage tanks


"T BAILEY is the single-most professional group I have worked with in a subcontracted situation – ever. I was impressed by T BAILEY's ability to do exactly what was committed to be done...you've raised the bar.”

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