Large Diameter Rolled and Welded Carbon Steel Pipe

T BAILEY’s Anacortes, Washington facility has the capability of producing large diameter rolled and welded carbon steel pipe used in the pipeline transportation industry, the hydroelectric industry, water transmission, and other steel products for structural support. Our fabrication begins at 36 inches and goes up to 168 inches in diameter, depending on material grade and thickness. Depending upon the roll radius, we have the capability to roll up to 4” thick material.

Pipeline transportation


Meeting All The Specifications

T BAILEY, INC. fabricates steel pipe in accordance with, AWWA C200, ASTM, API and can meet requirements of DOT specifications (such as, but not limited to, WSDOT, ODOT, MDOT, Caltrans and HART) and we can meet the requirements of 100% domestic materials. All seams on our pipe use advanced sub arc welding machines in order to ensure it is welded to the highest quality.


Unique Scheduling and Shipping Options

T BAILEY’s 25-acre facility allows us to fabricate, store, and then ship to the project job site in accordance with the contractor’s schedule. This flexibility allows us to be very competitive to help meet, schedule, and adapt to the needs of projects. T BAILEY, INC. has the capability to ship product via truck, as and our convenient location provides several options for steamship or barge loadout depending on the size of the product and the job site location.

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"T BAILEY is the single-most professional group I have worked with in a subcontracted situation – ever. I was impressed by T BAILEY's ability to do exactly what was committed to be've raised the bar.”

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We’re designed to perform custom fabrication of heavy structural and plate products, and can directly ship oversized loads via barge, rail, or truck to your location.

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