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Over the years, T BAILEY, INC. has been a great resource to the oil & gas industry. Our Anacortes operations are located in the Pacific Northwest, less than a mile from two major refineries. This proximity has allowed us to provide carbon steel and stainless steel field erected tanks, pressure vessels, plate/component supply, and stack fabrication for their capital projects, including shutdown/turnaround maintenance.

We understand the need for high safety standards and are experienced in working around active tanks and site space constraints. Our experienced team of professional can assist on a variety of projects depending on your need.

T BAILEY employs qualified individuals helping to interpret API, and ASME reports, and will work directly with engineers and/or contractors on site to ensure your project turns out to your complete satisfaction.

Aboveground storage tanks and vessels are all built and/or repaired to desired specifications and codes that meet both your internal requirements as well as other national standards. This includes API 650, API 620, and ASME code pressure vessels. Types of projects that we commonly work on include:

Field Erected Tanks

T BAILEY has significantly helped fuel storage tanks facilities with new construction and expansion of their facilities in accordance with API 650, API 620. We work with the owner, engineering firms, and other construction companies to help facilitate the expansion and maintenance of their facilities. We meet stringent safety and environmental standards in even the most challenging of site conditions.

Field-erected tanks include:

Cone roof
Dome roof
Open top tanks
Internal floating roof
External floating roof
Double Wall
Multi-Column Supported roofs
Sloped bottoms
Shovel bottoms
El Segundo bottom

Shop Built Atmospheric Tanks & Pressure Vessels

T BAILEY, INC. has an expansive facility that allows us to fabricate shop build tanks, stacks, steel plate & pressure vessels. T BAILEY, INC. makes our facility available to the owner or engineer’s quality control department and works with them to ensure all required quality control check/inspection points and documentation packages are produced to the manufacturing code.

Repairs and Maintenance

T BAILEY, INC. understands that when a tank is out of commission it is not making money. T BAILEY, INC. has an extensive history of performing repairs & maintenance on tanks and vessels. We employ API 653 Inspectors who help interpret the report and work to ensure the tank is brought back into compliance. We believe that the company performing the API 653 inspections and the company performing the repairs should be different in order to remove any conflict of interest.

This expertise, coupled with our vast experience in fabrication, repair and tank construction ensures that when you choose T BAILEY, INC. to perform your tank and vessel fabrication, erection, or repairs, you get the best possible results.

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"T BAILEY is the single-most professional group I have worked with in a subcontracted situation – ever. I was impressed by T BAILEY's ability to do exactly what was committed to be done...you've raised the bar.”

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