T BAILEY, INC. has collaborated with several companies on custom fabricated steel projects that are used in a marine setting.

These marine fabrication projects include (but are not limited to):

Steel pontoon system (for docks that service cruise ships)

Pile cap frames with interconnecting pipe sections (for the wharf of a refinery facility)

Dolphin caps

Fender panels

Catwalks and bridges

T BAILEY, INC. employs qualified individuals who work with the customers to either provide a turnkey project or work with an existing engineer to ensure it is built to specification. Marine industrial fabrications are typically exposed to harsh environments, making the coating a critical component of the project. Our coatings department can help evaluate and ensure the proper coatings systems is being applied to your project. We ensure that all metalizing performed conforms to industry standards SSPC, AWS, & NACE. Our locations make it ideal to transport fabricated projects by barge or truck direct to the project site.

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"T BAILEY is the single-most professional group I have worked with in a subcontracted situation – ever. I was impressed by T BAILEY's ability to do exactly what was committed to be've raised the bar.”

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