Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement

T BAILEY, INC. fabricated approximately 72 pieces of oscillator casing in various sizes from 1500mm to 2500 mm in diameter in typical 24’ long sections provided in both 1” and 2” carbon steel wall thicknesses for the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement project located in Long Beach, CA. The new Gerald Desmond Bridge will be supported by about 350 foundation piles, as deep as 175 feet below the surface. Oscillator casings are drilled into the ground with an oscillator to dig the foundation piles. The casings prevent cave-ins as a clam shell bucket removes soil from the shaft. The casings are removed as concrete is poured into the piles. The completed piling full penetration welds passed NDE inspection prior to shipment to the jobsite. Total order included over 2 million pounds of steel for the 72 pieces.

1" - 2"

The Process

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