Industrial Steel Stack Fabrication

T BAILEY, INC. specializes in industrial steel stack fabrication. For nearly 30 years, our crews have been rolling, welding, and delivering the best steel stacks in the Northwest, establishing our reputation as a heavy steel fabricator that can be counted on to exceed the expectations of our industrial customers. 

From design detailing to coating, T BAILEY INC. is your one-stop-shop for steel stack fabrication. Our industrial coating division is located on the same grounds as our fabrication line, enabling us to complete every stage of the stack fabrication process in-house. This reduces costs for our customers and allows us to tightly control the production schedule. 


Industrial Steel Stack Fabrication


T BAILEY, INC.’s Steel Stack Fabrication Capabilities

Our fabrication facilities are able to scale production to create any size of steel stack. Our capabilities include: 

T BAILEY, INC.’s professionals can fabricate any length or diameter steel stack, so if you don’t see the specs you’re looking for, don’t worry. Contact our team today and we’ll customize our processes to accommodate your steel stack needs. 


We Are Certified Industrial Stack Fabricators

As part of our commitment to producing the Northwest’s highest quality stacks, we maintain top-level certification across all stages of our fabrication process.

These certifications demonstrate that when you partner with T BAILEY INC., you are working with the experts. 


AISC Painting And Blasting For Steel Stacks

A unique advantage of choosing to partner with T BAILEY, INC. is that our grounds hold both a fabrication facility and a state-of-the-art coatings facility. 

Our large coatings building had dedicated rooms for each step in the coatings process — a surface prep room, a paint room, and a heated drying room. The rooms are arranged in a large bay where rails in the floor allow T BAILEY, INC.’s coating experts to quickly wheel products through each stage of the coating process. This enables us to blast, coat, and dry steel stacks with maximum efficiency and turn-around time. 

Our blasting and AISC painting services include: 



Quality Control And Testing Processes For Industrial Steel Stacks

From the start of fabrication, all the way through to coatings, we are committed to quality control and ensuring that the products we deliver will withstand the test of time. T BAILEY, INC.’s testing and quality control processes are led by our in-house AWS Certified Welding Inspectors. 

Our testing and quality assurance process includes: 

When you receive an industrial stack from T BAILEY, INC., you are receiving the result of a dedicated fabrication process and quality control process that we have spent nearly 30 years perfecting. Our experts ensure that your stack is crafted from the highest quality steel and is able to withstand the rigors of your job site for decades to come. 


Industrial Steel Stack Fabrication Process

T BAILEY, INC. is your one-stop-shop for industrial stacks. Our production process generally proceeds in the following steps: 

  1. We start with detailing. Come to us with the stack designs and our detailers will detail them per your drawings. 
  2. Cutting and rolling. We’ll cut the steel plate with our CNC plasma cutters and then roll it into cylinders. 
  3. Welding and assembly. Our expert welders will seal the longitudinal seams of each cylinder and then weld the cylinders together to form stack sections. 
  4. Hardware fitting. Some steel stacks require hardware. This could include manways, nozzles, stiffener rings, lifting lugs, and helical strakes. 
  5. The final step is blasting and coating. Our industrial coating division will prepare and treat the steal per your specifications. 


An Industrial Steel Stack Fabricator Near You

Our fabrication facilities are located on 30 acres near the deep-water port at Anacortes, Washington, just 10 miles from the I-5. This prime location enables us to partner with commercial and industrial organizations throughout the Northwest. 

To learn more about our steel stack services and what T BAILEY, INC. can do for your company, click here to see one of our industrial stack projects, or contact us today