2014 STI/SPFA Tank of the Year Award


T BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2014 Tank of the Year Award in the Standpipe category for the Angel of the Winds project.

T BAILEY, INC. fabricated and erected a new 24′ high x 27’diameter welded steel standpipe for the Stillaguamish Tribe of Indians at the Angel of the Winds Casino in Arlington, WA. The scope of work included demolition of existing concrete standpipe, site piping, excavation, site grading, backfill, concrete foundation, and constructing new steel standpipe with interior and exterior coatings and a mural to mimic the surrounding landscape. Special project requirements to coordinate temporary water main connection for minimum disruption to casino operations during low peak hours of operation.

2011 STI/SPFA Tank of the Year Award


T BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2011 Tank of the Year Award in the Standpipe category for the City of Kent, WA 640 Zone Reservoir project.

T BAILEY, INC. fabricated and erected a new 127′ high x 75’diameter AWWA D100 section 14 welded steel four million gallon potable water standpipe for the City of Kent, WA. The City commissioned an artist to paint a customized landscape scene on the standpipe to blend it into the surrounding environment. This tank is part of several phases by the City to develop the site which will ultimately house the City’s Public Works Department. The enormous tank foundation required mass excavation of 9000 cy. for the 18’w x 5’h spread footing and 3’w x 13’ high stemwall with cast in place vaults that contained over 81 tons of reinforcing steel and 1500 cy of 4000 psi concrete. 98 each 3 ¼” diameter x 8’ long anchor bolts were required to anchor the approximate 34.5M lb. tank (approx. 1M lbs. of steel plus weight of water at capacity). The completely seal welded self -supporting dome roof weighed approx 58,000 lbs. and was built on the ground and lifted into place using a 550 ton crane.


2010 STI/SPFA Fabricated Product of the Year

D0FAC33B40A5D49B6539BED602045CDF68CAEAAET BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2010 Fabricated Product of the Year Award for the ENI Operating Company US Nikaitchuq Oil Field Development project.

On 2/9/11 Eni began oil production at the Nikaitchuq field, located offshore the North Slope of Alaska at an average water depth of 3 meters. The field, which is Eni’s first operated Arctic project, is 100% owned and operated by Eni with recoverable reserves estimated at 220 million barrels of oil. Nikaitchuq is expected to produce for over 30 years with peak production of 28,000 barrels of oil per day. Nikaitchuq’s full development will be through 52 wells (26 oil producers, 21 water injectors, 5 water source/disposal wells) of which 22 onshore and 30 offshore, with the latter drilled from an artificial island. The processing facility has been completed and 12 onshore wells have already been drilled with the remaining wells to be drilled by 2014. The Nikaitchuq wells, which benefit from the application of several of Eni’s proprietary technologies, are leading-edge since they combine a vertical depth of 4,000 ft with a horizontal reach of up to 20,000 ft. The offshore facilities are connected to the onshore facilities by a under sea bed pipeline bundle, which is the heaviest bundle ever installed in the Arctic. The facilities have been designed and built using technology aimed at minimizing the impact on the environment: zero flaring, pipe-in-pipe technology for hydrocarbon transportation, spill containment devices in all modules and low emission turbine generators. The processing plant is capable of treating 40,000 barrels per day of heavy crude with sand and up to 120,000 barrel per day of water. These facilities will allow Eni to ship sales-quality crude oil through the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline, with no need for further processing.

T BAILEY, INC. designed, fabricated, painted, heat traced, insulated, and delivered the following 29 shop fabricated tanks plus miscellaneous platforms, catwalks, stairs and ladders for ENI’s Nikaitchuq Oil Field development:
• 5 each API 650 12’d x 38’h SS tanks
• 13 each API 650 12’d x 38’h CS tanks
• 1 each API 650 12’d x 30’h SS tank
• 3 each API 650 12’d x 30’h CS tanks
• 1 each API 650 12’d x 20’h SS tank
• 1 each API 650 10’d x 14’h CS tank
• 4 each API 650 10’d x 14’h SS tanks
• 1 each UL 142 4’Ø x 12’ L Horizontal CS tank

2009 STI/SPFA Fabricated Product of the Year

796B68792C1765A1BB5BE96DB30828B60D6632CFT BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2009 Fabricated Product of the Year Award for the Grouse Mountain Resorts Ltd. ‘Eye of the Wind’ Wind Tower project.

The Eye of the Wind Project at Grouse Mountain Resorts is the first of its kind for various reasons. It is British Columbia’s first viable wind energy solution. It is the first wind turbine in the world to incorporate a viewPOD observation deck at the top of the tower. It is the first wind tower to have a state-of-the-art elevator which permits the general public to easily ascend the tower to experience the quiet revolution taking place in the field of energy production where they can enjoy the beauty of the engineering as well as the view over the valley below. All of this in time for the world to share the vision at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

T BAILEY, INC. was the steel fabricator for the wind tower and the specialized rotating sleeve that the viewPOD attaches to. The tower itself stands 65M tall and 4M in diameter at the base and was shipped in 3 sections from our Anacortes, WA fabrication facility for erection at the jobsite by others. The tower and sleeve consisted of over 250,000 lbs of steel plate ranging in thickness from 1.25” – 5/8”. Because the tower houses an elevator, the entire tower had to be constructed to the Canadian Building Code and required special access doors at the top and bottom with door frames made out of 2.5” steel plate.

2009 STI/SPFA Pipe Fabrication Project of the Year

07D911535CEA4E9FC228D32CA4291D26876259C8T BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2009 Pipe Fabrication Project of the Year Award for the Aberfeldie Redevelopment Project.

T BAILEY, INC. was a supply subcontractor to Western Versatile Construction Corp for the design, fabrication, shop painting, and delivery of the following steel pieces for the Aberfeldie Redevelopment Project, which is a hydroelectric facility owned by BC Hydro and Power Authority and located near Cranbrook, BC.

4 each Bifurcations: 120” x 120” x 132”; 108” x 71” x 96”; 96” x 71” x 84”; and 84” x 71” x 72”. Approximately 900 LF of steel penstock in varying sizes of 120”, 114”, 108” & 72” with assorted elbows, tees, and reducer fittings.

The design of the each bifurcation was extremely complex and the fabrication utilized unconventionally shaped pieces to comply with the difficult project conditions. The number of field welds needed to be minimal to simplify the complex field fit up and to avoid the dense rebar cages and massive crotch reinforcing plates. The finished shop pieces were so colossal they required special transportation arrangements to arrive safely at the remote jobsite. The project spanned multiple years and included over 1.2 million pounds of steel.

The Aberfeldie facility is a run-of-river plant so there is no storage upstream of the dam. The water that enters the plant at the intake dam is returned to the Bull River at the powerhouse tailrace. The redeveloped plant does not alter river flows or levels upstream or downstream of the facility. With the old powerhouse, only 20 per cent of the annual river flow was utilized to make energy and 80 per cent of the flow went over the spillway. With the new powerhouse, 80 per cent of the flow is utilized to make energy and only 20 per cent goes over the spillway. The Aberfeldie Dam and Generating facility can now produce enough energy to supply 10,500 residential customers annually.

2008 STI/SPFA Tank of the Year Award

A3CD1EAB4786D1538B17C58A44A2AACA365C7875T BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2008 Tank of the Year Award for the Queen Anne Reservoir project.

The project, located at a fire station atop historic Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, WA, included demolition of two existing riveted steel water standpipes, one of which was encased in a masonry facade, and erection of a new larger water reservoir. The location itself presented many challenges as the narrow, twisting roads through the old residential neighborhood leading to the site severely limited delivery access and required significant coordination throughout the project. The new foundation consisted of 22 ½ tons of rebar and 550 cy of 4000 psi ready mix concrete to anchor the new 75’ diameter x 61’ shell high (77’ overall height, including the knuckle and roof) water reservoir. The reservoir itself contains approximately 490,000 lbs of steel and features extensive architectural detailing including 8 main pilasters and 16 secondary pilasters and both upper and lower halos. These architectural details were added solely to provide the Owner’s desired visual effect. The tank has a prominent location atop the historic hill and is visible throughout much of the City. The Owner’s artistic vision for the tank was for the architectural detailing to be reminiscent of a Queen’s crown to reflect on the neighborhoods name of ‘Queen Anne Hill’.

2007 STI/SPFA Tank of the Year Award

B4586545847909C75631423DA1D07ACCCBB2008BT BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2007 Tank of the Year Award for the Special Fabrication Category for the Imperium Renewables Biodiesel Facility project.

T BAILEY, INC. provided design (via Sargent Engineers), detailing, steel fabrication, wheelabrating; shop priming, and field erection for 17 each welded steel storage tanks for this state of the art Biodiesel production facility. The 17 tanks are sized as follows: 8 ea 80’d x 60’h; 1 ea 45’d x 20’ h; 3 ea 40’d x 56’h; 1 ea 30’d x 40’h; 1 ea 30’d x 29’h; 2 ea 20’d x 44’h; and 1 ea 16’d x 25’h and totaled more than 4.9 million pounds of steel plate ranging from 0.75” – 0.25” in thickness. T BAILEY, INC. began design of the tanks in mid-July of 2006 with steel fabrication starting in October; field erection of the first tank began onsite in November. With a crew that reached 35 at its maximum, T BAILEY, INC. managed to complete work on the final tank in early May 2007 having worked straight through one of the wettest and windiest winters in Washington State history to meet the strict deadlines set to get the tanks into service. Piping was performed by the General Contractor JH Kelly; with field painting performed by Dunkin & Bush, and tank insulation by Performance Contracting Inc.

On August 15th, 2007, Imperium Renewables officially opened Imperium Grays Harbor – the largest biodiesel facility in the nation, with 100 million gallons per year production capacity. The grand opening featured speeches by U.S. Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, Congressman Norm Dicks, Faith Lumsden from Governor Gregoire’s office, Port of Grays Harbor Executive Director Gary Nelson, and Manning Feraci of the National Biodiesel Board and was attended by over 400 guests, employees, and media personnel.

2006 STI/SPFA Tank of the Year Award

D5F38D980B721EE98A27C822F2949170024A99F0T BAILEY, INC. was awarded the Steel Tank Institute & Steel Plate Fabricators Association 2006 Tank of the Year Award in the Standpipe category for the North Gig Harbor Tank project.

T BAILEY, INC. fabricated and erected a new 160′ high x 53’diameter welded steel standpipe for Olympic Property Group for a new housing development in Gig Harbor, WA. Due to the height and capacity of the tank the bottom shell courses were 1 ¼” thick. The site was exposed to extreme wind and rain throughout construction. The knuckle roof is self-supported with structural that was built in place and seal welded overhead. The site was extremely tight and restricted access to the backside of the tank. The lower courses of the tank (1 – 9) were welded using our vert-a-matic automated electro slag vertical welding machine developed in house by T BAILEY, INC. The foundation of the tank was 80’ diameter and 8’ thick and contains almost 335,000 pounds of embedded reinforcing steel and 60,000 pound of anchor bolts to keep the over 800,000 pound steel water tank (not including the additional weight of water in the tank) from overturning in a seismic event. The massive foundation was poured in one monolithic pour of over 1500 cy of ready mix concrete delivered in over 150 truckloads.

2004 APWA Project of the Year Award

82717B9D63B87599783B9E3E03EC677139C6F0D2T BAILEY, INC. was awarded the American Public Works Association Washington State Chapter 2004 Project of the Year Award for the Renton Elevated Water Tanks Retrofit project.

T BAILEY, INC. was the general contractor for the City of Renton, WA for a project that included assorted upgrades to two existing elevated steel water tanks. The upgrades included new flexible connections to the existing underground piping and associated concrete/site work; new access improvements and appurtanances as well as paint and cathodic protection systems to the reservoirs. In addition the cross bracing on each of the legs of the reservoirs were modified for the addition of new specially designed friction dampers that allow for flexibility in a seismic event.